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Free copy of our book: What You Don't Know About Retirement Planning Can Hurt You

I look at our financial lives as a long journey that has peaks and valleys throughout. I often use Mount Everest as a metaphor to illustrate that point. If you think of your retirement day as reaching the top of your personal Mount Everest, the rest of your life is the descent. Unfortunately, most people’s retirement plans fail after they retire, or on the way down from the mountain. In some ways, its easier to get to retirement, or go up the mountain, than to stay retired. If you make a mistake getting to retirement, what would you do? You keep working. You planned to go out at age 55, that’s not looking so good anymore, so maybe 65, or maybe 75. If you make a mistake after retirement, what happens? You run out of money. Enjoy a free copy of my book. If you are interested in a complimentary consultation, simply call our office (610)358-8942 or visit our website www.DanWhiteandAssociates.com

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